The Age of Gourmet Baking

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Sweet Day Gourmet

The Age of Gourmet Baking

This is the age of gourmet baking.  Gone are the days when cheap boxed cake mixes containing inferior ingredients or stale packaged cookies will suffice. Today's baking alchemy has transformed into a high art that is practiced by discerning bakers who insist upon the finest quality ingredients such as world-class cocoa imported from France, Belgian chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and other premium ingredients. 

One cannot expect to produce first-rate baked goods when second-rate ingredients are used.  Using the finest ingredients in baking recipes is the first step in creating culinary masterpieces. For instance, French cocoa is among the most renowned in the world.  When used in baking, it is known for its creamy consistency, its superior taste and its finesse. French cocoa has lower sugar and fat contents compared to cocoa manufactured in other parts of the world.

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla is made from superior vanilla beans that have special aromatic qualities and flavors that make these  the most popular and sought after vanilla beans in the world.  Their rich flavor is dark and creamy, and has a sweet, buttery aroma. Madagascar bourbon vanilla is perfect for baking any type of vanilla-forward goods and are used in the finest bakeries.

Interestingly, The ingredients used in making Belgian chocolate have been regulated by law since 1894. Chocolate makers lobbied to put these laws into action to prevent adulteration of the chocolate with any type of low quality fats. The results have consistently rated Belgian chocolate the best in the world.

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