Why Exact Measurements are Important in Baking

Posted on April 06, 2017 by Sweet Day Gourmet

Why Exact Measurements are Important in Baking

Accuracy in Measurements

In cooking, a pinch of salt, a dash of wine, or a smidge of garlic do just fine. You can afford to put in a little more of this or a little less of that and still come out with a perfect meal. While there is much creativity in baking, when it comes to measurements, accuracy is imperative.

You may have heard that baking is a science. It’s true. Each recipe is a mathematical formula that, when followed, yields tasty, light, flaky, crumbly, soft, and crisp goodies. Each ingredient in a baking recipe has an important role. How much of each ingredient you use and what you do to it affects the resulting product in both taste and texture.

Baking Soda and Baking Powder

    Both of these wonder powders work as leavening agents. They release carbon dioxide to make baked goods airy and give them lift. They are different and each has particular uses. Too much or too little changes the chemical reaction that occurs between these and the other ingredients. You’ll end up with a tough cookie or a funky tasting cake.


      Flour provides baked goods with their sturdiness. During mixing, proteins become gluten and the magic begins. Again, too much or too little affects the outcome. Over or under mixing also changes the way the flour works. It affects its ability to hold together and keep moisture while baking.

      Other common baking ingredients such as sugar, butter, eggs, and milk and other liquids also require exact measurements. In order to do their jobs well, get along perfectly with one another, and create a beautiful and delicious dessert, baking ingredients should always be measured with care.

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