The Difference Between European Style and American Style Desserts

Posted on July 07, 2015 by Sweet Day Gourmet

We recently participated in a craft/ gift show where we sold a large number of our European Fudge Brownie Mix. We offered hundreds of samples to passersby, and several consumers had the same question for us before tasting - " What makes this brownie European Style?"

We explained the difference - and most of the time, with the delighted expression on their faces - we'd hear "Oh, now I get it". 

Millions of people in America love different varieties of chocolate. European and American chocolate have differences in flavor and texture which seem to surprise the average chocolate-lover when they experience the difference. Generally, American chocolate is sweeter, while European chocolate is richer in cocoa.  The European style that we refer to when discussing our baking mixes is simply this: European Style is more focused on the true flavor of the ingredients, not the sweetness of the dessert. Also, because of the higher cocoa content, European chocolate is usually softer than American chocolate, and therefore - a smoother, moist texture, that isn't too sweet, is the result. 

When we create our baking mixes, we use the European philosophy - strong in flavor & not super sweet; not just our chocolate recipes, but all the other flavors as well. 

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