Choosing Excellent Vanilla

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Sweet Day Gourmet

 Vanilla Bean Flower

Almost every baking recipe that you can imaging uses some type of vanilla. Did you know that pure vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world? (Saffron is the most expensive).

Pure vanilla has an exotic combination of floral and spice. Imitation vanilla just doesn’t compare to the real thing which is derived from the vanilla bean, fruit of an orchid plant.

Most of the world’s vanilla comes from Madagascar and the surrounding Bourbon Islands, off the coast of Africa. The smooth, delicate Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is an all-purpose vanilla, ideal for almost all baking uses; it is also the world's most popular vanilla. 

The absolute finest, pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla comes from Nielsen-Massey. At Sweet Day Gourmet, this is the vanilla that we prefer, and use in all of our gourmet baking mixes. It is rich, creamy and sweet ,with old-fashioned vanilla flavor. 

Other vanilla options: 
Mexican vanilla is obtained from a thicker and darker bean, it is more complex, and  has a stronger, spicier taste. 
Tahitian vanilla is less intense in flavor but more aromatic, it adds subtle flavor & bold aroma to lighter desserts.

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