Have A Sweet New Year - Baking Resolutions for 2016

Posted on January 01, 2016 by Sweet Day Gourmet

Baking Resolution Tips for 2016 Sweet Day Gourmet


If one of your resolutions this year is to bake more, here a few simple baking tips to help you reach your goal, and become a gourmet baker in 2016.

  • Buy high quality ingredients
  • Do some research
    • There are literally a million recipes online. They're not all great, though. Read some of the reviews out there about the recipes you find out there. We recommend recipes from Epicurious to start with, and of course Recipes from Sweet Day Gourmet.
  • Take your time
    • Make sure you don't rush yourself when baking.  In today's world, we seem to want to do everything super fast. This is not recommended when baking. In many cases, dough needs to rise, or be refrigerated; sometimes over night. Plan this in advance, and be sure you carve out enough time in your schedule to do it right.
  • Follow the recipe 
    • Can't stress this enough, especially when you are a beginner. Read through the recipe carefully, and double check the baking times and temperatures, as well as the proper measurements for each item.
  • Measure all your ingredients carefully
    • Baking is a precise art. It differs from cooking where you can increase or decrease the amount of spices, etc. to your taste. There are so many factors about how all the ingredients work together, so it is important to measure everything as the recipe suggests.  See our Measuring Chart.
  • Buy some Sweet Day Gourmet Dessert Mixes
    • Start with something incredibly simple to make, but Very Gourmet - our European Fudge Brownies. These are so easy to make by just adding butter and eggs. Your family and friends will never know it came from a box mix.  This will give you a good gage as to what a true gourmet quality brownie should taste like. Notice the texture and deep flavor of the chocolate. Let's face it, sometimes its just easier to make a box mix... but if you do, spend the extra couple of dollars and buy a top quality product! 

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