A Secret To Gourmet Baking (Hint... Sweet Day Gourmet Mixes)

Posted on September 04, 2017 by Sweet Day Gourmet

Gourmet baking with box mixes

Real Gourmet Baking Mixes

Many of the greatest home bakers have a closely guarded secret: That delectable dessert everyone at the party is raving over? At some point in its creation, a Sweet Day Gourmet boxed mix may have been involved!

Enjoying that gorgeous English trifle with luscious layers of cake, berries, and cream? The cake was probably from a boxed mix! Gourmet baking doesn't always have to involve gourmet time and talent, but the best ingredients will always yield the most favorable results.

At Sweet Day Gourmet we specialize in boxed mixes containing the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Like the boxed mixes at your local grocer, our mixes only require a few ingredients from the home pantry. Unlike those other mixes, though, Sweet Day Gourmet mixes are made up of quality, real ingredients. We also have tools and display kits available to make presentation easy and elegant, and gift sets for your favorite gourmet baker or to stock up your own supply.

So, if you are a gourmet home baker accustomed to dazzling the crowds with your "from scratch" creations, wow them even further by starting those creations with mixes from Sweet Day Gourmet. We hold our products to such a high standard, that you might not even mind letting them all in on the secret!

If baking isn't your thing and you're so pressed for time that baking boxed cupcakes for the bake sale is all you can manage, make them Sweet Day Gourmet cupcakes, and be the star of the sale! Either way, we've got you covered, so contact us.