A Sprinkling of Birthday Cake Facts

Posted on August 26, 2016 by Sweet Day Gourmet

Happy Birthday Cake with Candles

A Favorite Tradition

Everyone loves birthday cake, but not everyone knows that we have 15th century Germany to thank for most of our modern birthday-cake-related traditions.

For most of history special cakes were just for weddings, but in the 15th century, German bakers had the idea to begin selling single-layer cakes dedicated to birthdays.  Even then, birthday cakes were mostly reserved for the wealthy until modern food production made it much less expensive for average bakers to make beautiful and delicious cakes at home.

The western tradition of adding lit candles to the top of a cake also hails from Germany, though it didn't come along until the 18th century.  German villages celebrated Kinderfest, a day to honor children's birthdays - and to protect them from evil spirits who had a habit of stealing children's souls on their birthdays!  According to tradition, loud merrymaking and jubilation drove away those nasty spirits away and protect the children of the village for another year.  Our modern tradition of making a wish on our birthday candles arose from the Kinderfest traditions, though nowadays most people probably don't blow out their candles hoping to scare away evil!

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