The Wonderful World of Dark Chocolate

Posted on September 09, 2016 by Sweet Day Gourmet

baking with dark chocolate

Baking With Chocolate

Almost everyone knows that there is a big difference in taste between milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. We Americans love our milk chocolate when it comes to candy, but when it comes to gourmet baking, dark chocolate is always the preferred choice. But did you know that there are also variations in dark chocolate, which influence the intensity of its favor and eating experience?

Facts about Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can range in flavor from semi-sweet -– which is about 64% chocolate liquor, to bittersweet, which can be as much as 85-90% liquor! The main ingredients are the liquor and cocoa butter extracted from the cocoa bean, and sugar; it almost never has milk added to it.

The rich intense flavor of dark chocolate has made it the favorite of the top bakers of Europe who produce the desserts served in the finest restaurants on the continent. That is why you will always find the highest quality dark chocolate in Sweet Day Gourmet products such as our Crème de Menthe Brownie MixEuropean Fudge Brownie MixMocacchino Brownie MixFrench Chocolate Sablé Cookie MixSea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, and of course, all of our delicious assortment of Devil's Food Cupcake mixes!

Your guests will demand to know the address of the wonderful new European-style gourmet bakery you’ve discovered, and your family will be desiring seconds when you serve them any one of Sweet Day Gourmet’s delicious dark chocolate treats. Not to mention how impressed they’ll be by your knowledge of gourmet chocolate also.

And you’ll be delighted at how easy it was to prepare such impressive desserts from a mix – so little fuss and in so little time.

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