You read the food blogs, watch the bake-off shows on TV and ogle the local bakery cases and it makes you mad. All those fancy treats everyone else creates because they have the time, skill and resources you don't have.

Now all that has changed. There's no more time crunch, no scarcity of skills or resources. Sweet Day Gourmet takes the labor out of crafting the cookies, cupcakes and brownies that will leave everyone wondering how you manage to pull off such gourmet baking artistry during your busy day.

Why Sweet Day Gourmet measures up

The best baked goods start with the best basic ingredients: sugar, butter, flour and flavorings must meet the highest standards. The best ingredients are more expensive and result in a superior end product. Because so few ingredients go into Sweet Day Gourmet's baking and dessert mixes, the taste of each is significant. Our company uses products such as: Valrhona cocoa and chocolate from France, dark chocolate chips from Belgium, vanilla from Madagascar, real lemon zest and French fleur de sel sea salt in our products.

Sweet Day Gourmet's simple, small-batch philosophy

Our company creates mixes in a small, certified kitchen, which keeps costs lower and provides full control over the entire creative process. The mixes contain nearly everything necessary for a "That's-not-a-box!" experience; you need only two or three wet ingredients to transform the contents of the package into dessert delight.

Extras and add-ins: beyond the box

It's more than just the cake, cookie and brownie mixes: Sweet Day Gourmet offers frosting mixes and sprinkles, plus cake and cupcake stands, pastry dispensers and baking pans. If you are starting from scratch when it comes to baking, you don't have to buy from scratch at several different stores or websites; this one has everything you need.

More than baking: giving back to the community

Sweet Day Gourmet is family owned and operated and understands that the mixes are a means to a greater end besides dessert. We offer a fundraising program to sell many of our products at a substantial profit for the charity, with no upfront costs and low minimum orders. Contact us  for fundraising program information.

Every day is a good day for gourmet baking with products from Sweet Day Gourmet, whether it's a single box of European Fudge Brownie Mix for a Monday night or a gift set for a good friend.