Never Too Early to Think About Holiday Food Gifts

Posted on August 07, 2017 by Sweet Day Gourmet

Never Too Early to Think About Holiday Food Gifts

The end of summer

Just when the vacation is over, the cookouts wind down and the kids are getting ready for the back-to-school routine; when the lunch boxes, backpacks and shouts of "Mom, where's my (baseball glove/soccer ball/homework/permission slip?)" fill the day, it's time to start thinking about holiday baking?

Of course it's time! And while the list of people to thank with sweet treats never gets shorter, it gets easier with help from Sweet Day Gourmet's line of professional-quality baking mixes and tools.

With your time stretched thin by work, kids, home and other obligations, why feel guilty about not baking from scratch for friends and family? We save you time without sacrificing quality by using the same ingredients in our products as you use in your kitchen. Here are six reasons to invite Sweet Day Gourmet to your home this holiday this season:

Why use our mixes?

1) Variety and Experimentation with no Risk 

Want to try a new flavor without committing to ingredients you'll never use again? Need a specialty flavor for just one batch of cupcakes or cookies for a themed party? Want to avoid the hassle of buying baking and decorating ingredients for just one batch of baked goods? Sweet Day Gourmet's baking boxes have all your needs neatly packed into a single box: mix, decorations, cupcake liners, piping tips, scoop, spatula and precise directions to give you the exact quantity and quality promised on each box.

2) Save Time and Money for Other Projects

When you spend less time and money shopping for baking projects, you have more of both for other plans. Most of our recipes require the simple addition of eggs and melted butter to create a dessert for holiday company or weeknight indulgence.

3) Quality of Ingredients

Great baking is the best ingredients combined in a precise order and amount. Sweet Day Gourmet uses the best vanilla (Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla), chocolate (imported from Belgium and France), Fleur de Sel sea salt and real lemon zest in our recipes. 

4) Give a Gift Baking Box

Know a busy baker who loves sweets but needs the occasional mix fix? A baking box is the perfect gift. All the tools, ingredients and instructions in one package to create cookies, brownies or cupcakes anytime.

5) Buy Holiday-Ppecific Gourmet Baking Mixes

You'll find holiday-inspired gourmet baking mixes on our site now, including gingerbread cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, creme de menthe brownies, white chocolate blondies and shortbread cookie mix. Buy now and store the mixes before the holiday rush begins!

6) Scratch Baking, and Need the Professional Tools? We've got that

If you need the baking pans, tips and papers, our site provides those as well. From cake boards and stands to pastry bags, cookie presses and pans, our site offers high-quality baking equipment to ensure professional results.

While dessert is normally eaten last, it's time to think about it now. Before the holiday turkey, ham or roast, before the gift lists, before that last-minute grocery store run means salt and snow tires, order dessert first from Sweet Day Gourmet.