The Balance Between Frosting and Cupcake

Posted on February 18, 2017 by Sweet Day Gourmet

Balance between cupcake and frosting

A Delicate Balance

There seems to be at least one cupcake bakery in every town these days. So many cupcake shops... so many opinions about how much frosting to put on top.  Some people prefer the sugary, sweet mounds of frosting on their cupcake, while others enjoy a delicate combination of frosting and cake. We share the latter opinion. We believe that eating a gourmet cupcake should be a memorable experience. The flavors should mean something. Time and effort should be put into the pairing of cake and frosting, and it should never be overdone. 

A cupcake can be a real gourmet treat when the flavors are paired properly to enhance the true essence of the flavor combination. Too much frosting can ruin that delicate balance.

When a cupcake bakery uses lower quality ingredients, they may try to appeal to the consumer by adding a tall, pretty swirl of frosting that definitely looks good, but tastes cheap. For those who know and understand high quality, it's easy to see through all the sugar. 

Sweet Day Gourmet is not a bakery, we are a dessert mix manufacturer – we have  extremely high quality, premium cupcake mixes. We also, on special occasions, bake for our customers.  When we prepare our mixes and our baked goods, we use products such as Valrhona cocoa and Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. These are very expensive ingredients, and we want our customers to enjoy the flavors as they are meant to be and not overloaded with mounds of frosting that will ruin that delicate balance.  

The next time you are tempted to order a beautifully decorated cupcake, think about what you really want... an overly sweet, sugary mound or a true gourmet baked good that will bring out the richness of real flavor.

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