The Differences Between Devil’s Food Cake and Chocolate Cake

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Sweet Day Gourmet

The Differences Between Devil’s Food Cake and Chocolate Cake

Devil's Food vs Chocolate

Why is Devils Food cake is so sinfully delicious? It seems more tempting than chocolate cake. More indulgent. Even people who don’t really understand the difference between the two cakes are instinctively more drawn towards the devil’s food. 

Some may say that it’s difficult to definitively note the difference between the two types of chocolate cakes because they believe that chocolate is chocolate.  At Sweet Day Gourmet, we say that’s not exactly true. Actually, there are a few clear distinctions between them. 

The Essence of Devil's Food Cake

Devil's food cake is typically richer & darker, fluffier, and more tender in texture than your basic chocolate cake. This is due to the use of cocoa/ cacao powder and the extra baking soda it requires. Devil’s food cake is also not as sweet as chocolate cake. Many devil’s food recipes also include espresso or brewed coffee, and or boiling hot water to bring out the rich flavors.

The Essence of Chocolate Cake

Classic chocolate cake usually calls for melted chocolate to bring out its chocolatey flavor, milk, butter, cocoa powder (a not as much as cocoa powder as Devils Food however). Many bakers add their own special tweaks that distinguish their family recipes from another. There is also usually a  filling between the cake layers and sweet buttercream frosting. 

the finest cocoa powder and chocolate

Whatever you choose to bake, Devils Food or Chocolate cake, we recommend only using high quality ingredients in all of your baking efforts. By using a good French cacao, Belgian or French chocolate and a good vanilla product such as Nielsen Massey you cannot go wrong. Of course to make your baking efforts even easier, try one of our baking mixes such as our Gourmet Devils Food Cupcake Mix, and our European Fudge Brownie Mix and Bake gourmet from your own kitchen!!

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