The Rising Cost of Madagascar Vanilla

Posted on January 02, 2017 by Sweet Day Gourmet

The Rising Cost of Madagascar Vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla

We are a small family–owned business that specializes in gourmet, artisan dessert mixes. From the moment we formed this company, we made a promise to our customers (and ourselves) that we would only use the best and highest quality ingredients in all of our mixes - with no exception.

Two of our favorite and frequently used ingredients at Sweet Day Gourmet is our Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Powder & Ground Vanilla Beans. Because of these incredible  products, our baking mixes are absolutely delicious and totally unmatched in their taste and quality.

These pure vanilla products (never imitation) became a staple ingredient in just about every one of our mixes. If the recipe calls for vanilla, you can be assured that we're using Nielsen Massey Madagascar Pure Vanilla products. 

Rising cost of VanillaUnfortunately, by no fault of Nielson Massey, or any other vanilla manufacturer, the price of vanilla has recently sky-rocketed. The price of Madagascan vanilla increased by nearly 150% last year after the island, had a poor harvest. Plus, we recently learned that 2017 prices have increased even more! 

Here at Sweet Day Gourmet, we are committed to keeping our products affordable for our customers, therefore, we only added a slight increase to the mixes that use a large amount of vanilla and or vanilla beans. 

We're hopeful that the cost of vanilla will come down by the end of 2017. Once that happens, we will reduce our prices as well. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products.