What's So Special About Strawberries?

Posted on March 03, 2017 by Sweet Day Gourmet

Facts about Strawberries

 A Few Facts

Strawberries are magnificent – jam packed with sweet flavor. They are beautiful and versatile; great for baking with or eaten fresh. Who doesn't love a succulent strawberry pie, or romantic chocolate covered strawberries? A refreshing flavor heading into spring; delicious strawberry shortcake or even our cupcakes with strawberry frosting! A wonderful flavor pairing with vanilla.

Some interesting facts about strawberries

  • Strawberries are the only fruit with the seeds on the outside, and they have an average of 200 seeds 
  • They are the first fruit to ripen each spring
  • Experts say that strawberries aren't actually berries in the botanical sense  they are known as accessory fruits
  • They are perennial plants – they grow back year after year
  • There are only 4 calories in an average strawberry
  • Excellent source of fiber and vitamin C
  • Strawberries freeze dry extremely well
  • Stores sell strawberries 52 weeks a year, as the supply is reliable - they ship all year round

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