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Our Mission

To help busy people bake delicious, gourmet desserts!

Sweet Day Gourmet is a family–owned artisan, specialty dessert mix company. We use high-quality, simple ingredients in each recipe. Items such as World Class French Cocoa, imported Belgian Chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and premium crafted spices; products you'd find in the finest restaurants and bakeries. Our mixes are made in small batches and hand packaged.

When you bake with our products, you create genuine, gourmet desserts in your own kitchen. We guarantee that no one will ever know it came from a box mix.

Please email us or call Pete Bone at 847-401-7811 if you have any questions or comments about our products.  

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Make sure to check back with us often, as we are always adding new items to our online store.

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Pete Bone
Managing Partner / Operations

Pete Bone Managing Partner Sweet Day Gourmet

Chris Basdeckis
Managing Partner / Recipe Development

Chris Basdeckis Managing Partner Sweet Day Gourmet

Diana Bone
Sales & Marketing

Diana Bone Managing Partner Sweet Day Gourmet