About Us

Sweet Day Gourmet Will Be Selling Gourmet Baked Goods/ Desserts Beginning in 2020!

We are no longer selling baking mixes - . Stay tuned for more information!

Sweet Day Gourmet is a Family–owned Artisan, Specialty Dessert Company.

We use high-quality, simple ingredients in each recipe. Items such as World Class French Cocoa, imported Belgian Chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and premium crafted spices; products you'd find in the finest restaurants and bakeries. Our desserts are always made fresh!

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Pete Bone
Managing Partner / Operations

Pete Bone Managing Partner Sweet Day Gourmet

Chris Basdeckis
Managing Partner / Recipe Development

Chris Basdeckis Managing Partner Sweet Day Gourmet

Diana Bone
Sales & Marketing

Diana Bone Managing Partner Sweet Day Gourmet