New Products Coming Soon

We are excited to announce 6 new gourmet baking mixes that will be available for purchase by May 2016! Be sure to come back soon to place your order, and sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive discounts on these new mixes also.

New Cupcake Mixes:

Red Velvet Cupcake Mix w/Vanilla Frosting
This is not your ordinary, store bought cupcake mix... we only use the highest quality ingredients, including cocoa imported from France and real Madagascar Vanilla products.

Devil's Food Cupcake Mix w/Raspberry Frosting
Absolutely Luscious! This incredible devil's food cake mix is made with the finest French cocoa, and the frosting mix with fresh-frozen freeze dried raspberries.

Red Velvet Cupcake Mix with Vanilla Frosting     Devil's Food Cupcake Mix w/Raspberry Frosting 

New Brownie Mixes:

Creme deMenthe Brownie Mix

We've paired our dark chocolate brownie mix with premium mint baking chips for a truly magnificent flavor sensation.

Mochaccino Brownie Mix

Made with cocoa imported from France, infused with a touch of espresso and gourmet cappuccino chips. These Mochaccino Brownies are a a coffee lover's dream. 

Creme deMenthe Brownie Mix    Mochaccino Brownie Mix

New Cookie Mixes:

Italian Lemon Cookie Mix
This authentic Italian lemon cookie mix is an Old World recipe handed down from generations. No need to tell your family you made them from a box mix!

French Chocolate Sablé Cooke Mix
A Sablé cookie is a French shortbread cookie. The word "Sablé" translates as "sandy" in French, which is an excellent description of the crumbly, yet delicate texture of this exquisite cookie.

Italian Lemon Cookie Mix   French Chocolate Sable Cookie Mix