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★★★★★  I keep my pantry stocked with mixes all the time!! The mixes make a wonderful hostess gift. I am giving several to each of my adult children along with cupcake liners and a new cupcake pan for Christmas. This product is beyond superior!!!!! - Lois K

Kouloria Testimonial "The Greek cookies remind me of my childhood. Growing up Greek, koulorikia we're always around. These are extra easy and just as yummy as Grandma used to make. We add a little sesame for a nutty topping. With or without the sesame seeds, these cookies are fantastic!" - Violet K

"My new favorite dessert is Sweet Day Gourmet's Mochaccino Brownies. I made them for a family party and Wow. They are truly decadent. And just like the description on your website says, they are a coffee-lover's dream. " -  Tammy W

Review for Sweet Day Gourmet "OMG The Italian Lemon Cookies are fantastic. No longer will we get them at Maggiano's." - Judy C

Testimony for Sweet Day gourmet - Christy "European Fudge Brownies are unbelievable! I am a huge fan of brownies but am very picky. It only took me about 3 minutes from box to oven and they turned out perfectly. These are the absolute best I have ever tasted! They are so moist and decadent! Normally, deserts like this are so rich that I can only eat a small portion. These were delectably rich but, unlike my usual reaction, I had trouble restraining myself from devouring the entire pan before my daughter got home from school! Love! Love! Love!" - Christy K  

Annie - Review for Sweet Day Gourmet"Just made the European Brownies.I can't explain how wonderfully decadent these are - Five Stars!!" -Annie P

Review for Sweet Day Gourmet Nery "I haven't tasted a better cupcake and i mean that sincerely! I love how moist it is and I love that it is not overly sweet! They are soo good!" - Nery C

Testimonial for Sweet Day Gourmet Omar "So tasty. The few products I have tried really take boxed mixes to an entirely new level. The flavors and combinations are spot on." - Omar C

High Point Dentist Staff Testimonial"The Devil Food Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting is absolutely amazing. They are super moist, deliciously fresh, and yes GOURMET!!"  - HighPoint Dentist Staff

Karen G - Testimonial for Sweet Day Gourmet cupcakes "Amazing - the best cupcakes and brownies I've ever had. Super easy to make too. Everyone needs to try these!" - Karen G

Sweet Day Gourmet baking mix review Monica"Well worth the price. It's like I'm a gourmet baker. My friends can't believe that I made this - I didn't tell them that it was from a mix :) - I would recommend this to anyone who loves fine baked goods" - Monica M

Testimonials - George for Sweet Day Gourmet"Oh my... what a pleasant surprise. These were really easy to make, and... wow. Best ever!" - George P

testimonial for sweet day gourmet baking mixes"Seriously, I wanted to cry - it was crazy good. Unbelievable.The devils food just melts in your mouth!" - Chris B

Review on red velvet and vanilla bean cupcake mix"If Heaven had a taste....it would be these cupcakes—seriously. I can't say enough about the Red Velvet Cupcake mix and the Vanilla Bean mix too" - Alexis B

 ★★★★★ "I made the cupcakes and were fabulous---everyone loved them and I told them I couldn't take credit for 'em!  I usually bake EVERYTHING from scratch---and they were shocked to think I'd try something from a box!" - Wendy B

 ★★★★★ "These cupcakes made me very happy! I can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed - even from a bakery- but this product was incredible! The cake wasn't too sweet, and it was velvety smooth; just melted in my mouth.  Love it." -  Kelly C

 ★★★★★ "I made the brownies yesterday with the snow coming down and they are delicious!!! Will definitely have to order more. Tom and I  have to stop ourselves from eating all of them at one sitting." - Kathy J

 ★★★★★ "The cinnamon cupcakes are so good. I want to bathe in them :) " - Nancy O



Testimonial for Sweet Day Gourmet Cupcake Wedding Cake"Thank you, Sweet Day Gourmet, for the beautiful cupcake creation! It
looked amazing and tasted even better than it looked!!! The server in our banquet room, who has seen hundreds of cakes, was so impressed with it, she asked if she could have a cupcake to take home and she kept your business card! I would say that shows your creation was something special! I know it made a statement and completed our event!!!" - Candace G


Review on sweet table by Sweet Day GourmetHello, you made all my sweets for my baby shower from Pam Schilf. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful job you did. They were all so tasty and enjoyable. It was an unforgettable arrangement that made everyone want more. You went above and beyond and I wanted to personally thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I would highly recommend that everyone try your sweets, you are so talented and your efforts were all greatly appreciated.